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See more » CH'ELLA MI CREDA (from LA FANCIULLA DEL WEST) Written by Giacomo Puccini (as G. "The Man Without A Face" would be my choice for one of the most touching films I've ever seen.

Gibson certainly knew what he was doing as performed along side a newcomer named Nick Stahl.

The idea is similar to Lulu, the app that began as a way for women to rate and review men they dated.

I knew it was going to be a moving, touching and heartfelt film. I was pleasantly surprised how Gibson crafted this film into a work of art by using his knowledge of working in front of the camera.

I knew by the end of this film everyone involved with this awesome film from the talented director/actor to the up and coming star along with the viewing audience had fun making and watching "The Man Without A Face."I recommend this film to anyone and everyone young and old who loves movies.

It sadly could not detect a face in any of the photos of myself that I uploaded - either I am too beautiful for the application to cope, or it can't detect a face in pictures where the user is in a group or not facing the camera head-on.

Mc Leod instills in his protégé a love of justice and freedom from prejudice which sustains Chuck beyond the end of the film. Belasco) Performed by Jussi Björling Courtesy of Decca/London Records By Arrangement with Polygram Special Markets See more » Mel is back and better than ever in "The Man Without A Face." This is Mel's finest film to date as an actor and director.

When Mc Leod explains to Norstadt what he does for a living he hands off several magazines and says "Here's a few you might have seen" - it is unlikely that such a teacher would make the mistake of using the singular "here is" as opposed to the plural "here are" when talking about several magazines... Not only is it touching and heartwarming but it showcases one of the best actor turned directors in Mel Gibson.

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