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Therefore, in addition to “hot” chat, televideo participants can see each other in live streaming video, including what they look like, what they are (or are not) wearing, where they are, their moment-by-moment expressions, and what they are doing (often to themselves).In this way, televideo cybersex participants can be regarded as simultaneously live erotic performers and consumers, casual voyeurs, and exhibitionists all at once.As part of sex, stripping and being seen naked is an erotic experience in televideo cybersex.Some participants are excited just because someone wants to see their naked bodies.In UK law, a child under 13 years in age is not able to consent to a sexual act.A person aged 18 or over commits a sexual offence if he intentionally touches another person, the touching is sexual, and either the child is under 16 and the adult does not reasonably believe that the child is 16 or over, or the child is under 13.

Unlike nude beaches, nudist resorts, and Finnish saunas, where nakedness is anti-erotic, the nude body in televideo cybersex is intentionally displayed in an explicitly sexual manner for the purposes of giving and receiving sexual attention and/or arousal.There are various theories of sexual offending against children: Finkelhor's four preconditions model (Although televideo cybersex entails considerable text communication as well, there are significant differences between the two.In televideo cybersex, participants can see and respond to one another in real time, by using web cameras and client software.Some appear to be quite rare, whereas others, especially in their nonobligatory form, seem relatively common.The paraphilias most frequently coming to the attention of clinicians are pedophilia (which typically includes ephebophilia, although they are different paraphilias), , and exhibitionism, according to DSM-IV-TR.

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