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Cars, radios, computers, and firearms are examples.But this report notes that the police have vital needs for special technologies for which there is no easily available source.Examples are devices to use less-than-lethal force in controlling unruly persons, to stop fleeing vehicles, and to detect concealed weapons and contraband in nonintrusive ways.Private sector technology developers and manufacturers are reluctant to meet many special technology needs of the police.

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The police are asked to control crime, maintain order, and provide an intricate array of services, from responding to emergency 911 calls to regulating the flow of traffic.To do their job, police frequently have looked to technology for enhancing their effectiveness.The advent of fingerprinting in the 1900s and of crime laboratories in the 1920s greatly augmented the police capacity to solve crimes.The introduction of the two-way radio and the widespread use of the automobile in the 1930s multiplied police productivity in responding to incidents.But, as noted in this report, progress in technology for the police has often been slow and uneven.

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