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Despite those connections, the response they received was the same one her sister had heard six years earlier: If you're not registered parishioners, you can't get married here.

Frustrated, the couple moved quickly to find a new church, turning to St.

But because it was so difficult, we were questioning it," Katie said. Mary, but, ironically, ended up registering at Sacred Heart.

"Just because it is our home parish, and we needed to," Katie said, though she added that the conversation about becoming parishioners never occurred when they first approached the parish about their wedding.

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" A May 25, 2012, report looked at church-led efforts to address the growing challenge of getting young Catholic couples to a Catholic altar." Later, she witnessed a priest move another wedding because the bride hadn't paid the proper deposit -- a rescheduling that benefited Katie, but left her thinking, "That's crazy. " "It was just insane to have to jump through all these hoops," she said.It was then Katie and Philip found themselves contemplating whether the hurdles they faced were worth the finish line they sought.Mary Catholic Church, where Katie has taught physical education for two years.At the Palmdale, Calif., parish, they found a more welcoming environment, something Katie credited to her job and friendship with pastor Fr. Though they secured a church, the hurdles didn't disappear, with the process appearing at times more bureaucratic than sacramental.

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