Rules of validating email addresses

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By default, it validates to the Assume the Users table contains the columns "email" and "canonical_email".

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There are different levels of validations you can perform.To work properly, global Email systems must be converted to UTF-8 encoded databases and upgraded to the new email standards.The problem with i18n email addresses is that support outside of the given locale becomes hard to enter addresses on keyboards for another locale.If you specify an exchanger pattern, but requires a DNS MX lookup.For Rails application, create an initializer file with your default configuration options: Email Address:: Config.error_messages( invalid_address: "Invalid Email Address", invalid_mailbox: "Invalid Recipient/Mailbox", invalid_host: "Invalid Host/Domain Name", exceeds_size: "Address too long", not_allowed: "Address is not allowed", incomplete_domain: "Domain name is incomplete") standard is available, but not yet widely implemented.

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