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Skilling nodes were previously located on Tuska's sides, green quills which could be cut down for Woodcutting experience, and blue spines that could be balanced on for Agility experience.Players gained 10x experience if they were balancing on a stump that had an electrical current around it.On 24 May at around game time, this was teased in an unannounced phenomenon where the screen shook and people collapsed.

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Contributions from each god faction were tracked; at the end of the event, the winner was determined by the side (Tuska or Gielinor) that had won the most "days".Scopulus remained on Tuska's corpse and was joined by Kara-Meir and Garlandia, while the other factions left.Also remaining, at the top of Tuska's spine, is a strange energy matrix, the World window, which grants access to Mazcab.If players wished to do the event with friends or with people aligned to multiple factions, the Grouping System could be used.On the islands, players took part in various minigames to gather the Anima Mundi to charge the spear.

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