Watch a nation of drunkards online dating

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But by 1830, the average American over 15 years old consumes nearly seven gallons of pure alcohol a year, three times as much as we drink today.

Alcohol abuse wreaks havoc on the lives of many families.

Sabin unifies women of all classes, refuting the notion that all women support Prohibition and denouncing the law itself as the greatest threat to their families.

Sabin and others argue that repeal will bring in tax revenue and provide desperately needed jobs. Roosevelt in 1932, Congress easily passes the 21st Amendment, which repeals the 18th, and the states quickly ratify it.

The women's crusade of 1873 was essentially a general strike by women who brought business to a halt.

Their protest spread to 911 communities in 37 territories.

After the Civil War, the country’s population swells with immigrants, who bring their drinking customs with them from Ireland, Germany, Italy and other European countries.

However no laws had been changed and within a few years, saloons were back in business. Willard became the head of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union, which she would lead for 19 years.

It became a huge social welfare organization with 45 departments dealing with many issues other than temperance.

Despite the growing discontent with Prohibition and its consequences, few politicians dare to speak out against the law, fearful of its powerful protector, the Anti-Saloon League.

Season 1, Episode 3 CCTV-PGHD Support for Prohibition diminishes in the mid-1920s as the playfulness of sneaking around for a drink gives way to disenchantment with its glaring unintended consequences.

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